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Britishvolt is on track to deliver a 30GWh battery Gigaplant, positioned on the best site in the UK. The mission is critical to help safeguard UK plc on the energy transition to electrification.

Power On

The Gigaplant

The Gigaplant site in Cambois, Northumberland, close to Blyth, is without question the best site in the UK. Fully plugged into the national grid, ready to go, located next to an abundance of renewable energy.

It is logical to build any battery cell manufacturing site as close to a renewable energy source as possible, in order to counter the energy intensity of the production process.

In Northumberland renewable energy is plentiful. The entire area fully embodies the transition to a low carbon future. The county is a buzz of energy, and a proud home for Britishvolt’s first full-scale Gigaplant. The site itself is a phoenix from the flames, having been the coal store for the former Blyth Power Station.

50 Football Pitches

Would fit in the Britishvolt site.

Manufacturing processes

We will be implementing and developing with our equipment supply partners the latest advances in mixing, electrode and cell manufacturing techniques focussed in the areas of:

  • High-speed high-quality manufacturing processes to provide global best in class quality, yield and drive down the cost of manufacture.
  • Ensure processing materials have the highest level of utilisation and re-utilisation throughout the manufacturing process to manage processing costs and reduce waste.
  • Maximising the advantages of being able to generate our own energy from a Britishvolt owned 200MW solar farm, driving CO2 out of our inhouse process.

If the annual production of cells were placed end to end they would go once around the earth which is

24,901 Miles

“Without domestic battery production the UK could see its motor industry migrate abroad. I’ve been in the automotive industry for almost all of my professional career, love cars and get a real kick out of driving. But what we are seeing now is a shifting of the tectonic plates, towards a bright new electrified future. Knowing that I’m transferring my skills to deliver a sustainable future but one that also promises electrifying performance is a real buzz. A successful energy transition is underpinned by a new generation of battery cells.”


Graham Hoare, President of Global Operations


Collaboration is key on our quest to a low-carbon future. Technology advancements will be crucial to improving battery performance and efficiencies.

  • Britishvolt will work with a range of technology partners to make sure we are always one step ahead in terms of chemistries and applications.
  • We will leverage the existing UK battery ecosystem, to ensure we are agile, flexible and cost-efficient, so that we can bring our customer’s products to market quickly to meet booming demand.
  • We are in partnership with leading universities to ensure that the UK is at the forefront of domestic battery intellectual property developments.
  • Technology is paramount to keeping the UK at the vanguard of the global battery revolution; the time is now to carve a name for the UK as a global battery champion. Britishvolt will be at the very heart of that revolution.
  • We actively collaborate with the likes of the Faraday Institution and Warwick Manufacturing Group to drive the industry forward. Collectively we will establish the next generation of battery technologies to help accelerate the drive towards a low carbon society.
3000 Jobs

Located in Northumberland, creating up to 3,000 jobs in North East of England & more in the supply chain.

93 Hectare site

Coastal location, supported by 1.4GW of renewable energy supply (hydroelectric).

EV Batteries

Sustainability is imperative to the future of humankind; batteries for electric cars will be at the very core of that future.

Britishvolt is fully committed to creating environmentally friendly, low carbon lithium-ion batteries that push the planet ahead on the quest to net-zero. Fossil fuels days are numbered, the future is clean and renewable.

Battery energy storage

Energy storage systems are the next step in our journey.

They will provide battery solutions to homes, offices and communities as the transition unfolds. They also support renewable power generation sites, allowing solar, wind, hydro and other forms of renewable energy to be harnessed and stored at source.


Britishvolt are at the cutting edge of research and development into novel and innovative battery technology.

We also have our eyes fixed firmly into the future; constantly looking for new ways to improve performance characteristics and develop ways to get raw materials back by recycling end-of-life batteries.

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