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Governance Policies

Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance ensures our integrity and legal compliance as well as demonstrating our open and rigorous procedures. We have set up a number of internal committees to support our activities which are outlined below followed by a number of relevant policies and statements which are aimed at ensure we meet our own internal expectations including fundamental ESG integration across our business. As a developing company these will continue to evolve and be updated appropriately.

Role of the Board

The Board provides direction and oversees the critical activities required to ensure rapid growth for the business. The Board is active in the businesses management and guidance, with particular focus on material areas of corporate governance, strategy, and risk. The Board works to evolve with the business to meet current and future needs as well as fulfil its duties in line with sound corporate governance practices.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for assisting the Board with regards to its responsibilities in relation to financial integrity and reporting, the review of significant financial issues and judgements, the application and appropriateness of accounting policies, the nomination and ongoing review of the external and internal auditors, the effectiveness of the financial systems of risk, internal control, whistleblowing, and fraud risks.

Risk Committee

The role of the Risk Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by reviewing and monitoring, subject to overlap with the audit committee, the Company’s attitude to and appetite for risk, the Company’s system of enterprise-wide internal controls and risk management and risk reporting in relation to Britishvolt’s Enterprise-Wide risks.

Nomination Committee

This evaluates Britishvolt’s Board of directors and examines skills and characteristics required of board candidates. The committee assists the Board with the discharge of its responsibilities in relation to attracting and retaining world-class talent, establishing schemes supporting this aligned with Britishvolt’s values and strategic objectives.

Remuneration Committee

The role of the Remunerations Committee is to design, implement and review remuneration policies and procedures the company has in place for Board members and members of the wider senior management team. This will enable Britishvolt to attract, retain and motivate high quality executive management in line with its strategic objectives and values.

Whistleblowing Notifications

If you have any concerns you wish to raise associated with topics in our Whistleblowing Policy please find more details via the Safecall website, our independent Whistleblowing  contact:

Their website is  here

You can contact Safecall and make a report in the UK on 0800 915 1571 or outside of the UK call +800 7233 2255

Or complete an online report here



Britishvolt Supplier Code of Conduct

Uploaded: 16/06/2022

Britishvolt pursues a responsible Supplier Code of Conduct consistent with its business ethics, respecting fundamental worker rights and environmental standards…

Download Document (1.77 MB)

Britishvolt Whistleblowing Policy

Uploaded: 16/06/2022

This policy lays out the approach to whistleblowing which aims to ensure every member of staff, contractors or suppliers are aware of Britishvolt’s approach to support and address any concerns that may be identified...

Download Document (184.78 KB)

Britishvolt Modern Slavery Policy

Uploaded: 16/06/2022

This policy lays out the expectation for our business for Modern Slavery and is a core business compliance concern. Below this policy are developing strategies and approaches…

Download Document (107.85 KB)

Britishvolt Society and Environment Policy

Uploaded: 16/06/2022

This policy lays out the expectation for our business for ESG topics, a core business requirement. Below this policy are developing strategies and approaches to enable delivery and compliance…

Download Document (128.56 KB)

Britishvolt Modern Slavery Statement

Uploaded: 01/09/2022

We are aiming to be the UK’s leading electric vehicle battery manufacturer by the late 2020s. Currently, we have about 280 employees in the UK and our physical operations are located in Canada, Germany …

Download Document (235.64 KB)

Britishvolt Anti Corruption and Bribery Policy

Uploaded: 16/06/2022

It is our policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are…

Download Document (79.28 KB)

Britishvolt Code of Conduct

Uploaded: 01/07/2022

Britishvolt’s Code of Conduct (“Code”) enables our values to be put into practice. It is a critical part of our Risk Management Framework and all our approaches to risk are undertaken in line with the Code...

Download Document (2.28 MB)