Environmentally driven, socially minded, governed by values

We care about each and every aspect of our business, and the interactions we make, starting with our people.

Power On


Sustainability is imperative to the future of humankind; batteries will be at the very centre of that future.

Britishvolt is fully committed to creating environmentally friendly, low carbon lithium-ion batteries that push the planet ahead on the quest to net-zero.


We will assess all our activities and developments against externally certified ESG criteria

We commit to:

  • Building and maintaining robust ESG assessments and data across our business and supply chain;
  • Developing and maintaining the internal resources required to deliver on our ESG commitments;
  • Listening to our people, business partners and our local communities as regards improving ESG criteria in our developments and investment decisions;
  • Reviewing and updating these Principles and Commitments at least annually; and
  • Reporting our ESG performance annually and/or as required and expected by our stakeholders and investors.

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Our promise



Passionately committed to delivering a sustainable future for everyone.



Creating long-term relationships with our partners and society for a better future.



Leading by example to help deliver on the roadmap to a low carbon future.

Carbon footprint

We will invest in and adopt technology and solutions to reduce carbon impact throughout our business.

We commit to:

  • Requiring and assessing performance data in relation to our and our suppliers’ carbon footprints and GHG emissions generally;
  • Reporting our carbon footprint as required and expected by our stakeholders and investors;
  • Working with all of our business partners to develop and implement carbon-reducing solutions to our supply chain;
  • Investing in and maximising the use of renewable energy across all our operations, promoting water and energy efficiency to ensure that, where possible, we minimise our production carbon footprint; and
  • Listening to and engaging with our people, suppliers, customers, communities and stakeholders as regards our carbon impact.

Recycling and circular economy

We will invest in and develop resource efficiency solutions throughout our production Processes.

We commit to:

  • Minimising as far as practicable our use of hazardous substances in our battery products;
  • Investing in and developing battery recycling, performance and durability and related data accuracy to mitigate as far as possible environmental impact;
  • Where practicable, using recyclable material in our manufacturing processes;
  • Building and developing our premises and properties on brown field sites wherever possible; and
  • Listening to and engaging with our people, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders as regards our resource efficiency.


We will adopt a fair, transparent and ethical approach to all our activities.

We commit to:

  • Applying best industry practice wherever we operate;
  • Aealing openly, respectfully, ethically and fairly with all our business partners;
  • Assessing labour, human rights and ethical procurement performance of our suppliers, seeking to co-operate with suppliers on ESG issues when necessary; and
  • Listening to our people, customers, local communities, investors and other stakeholders.


We will engage with and work alongside all our local communities and we will consider our impact on communities in our broader supply chain.

We commit to:

  • Helping to develop and maintain long term sustainable local prosperity through investment in jobs and training;
  • Assessing and responding to the local and wider environmental, social and community impact of our activities, including fostering a responsible global supply chain of raw materials through industry initiatives; and
  • Working with our local communities to connect and transform the lives of those with social needs through long-term employment, training opportunities and wellbeing.

Our people

We will provide all our people with a safe, positive and healthy working environment.

We commit to:

  • Implementing and maintaining the highest health, safety and well-being standards and related data and reporting throughout our business;
  • Creating and growing inclusive, open and respectful work environments for all;
  • Enshrining equal opportunities and equity in our culture and values;
  • Investing in solutions and training to support our people in their personal and professional development; and
  • Listening to and engaging with our people as regards workplace equality and wellbeing.

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